The prime objective behind establishing the company was to utilize the lean associated gas supplied from the onshore fields to manufacture industrial fertilizers and to market them locally and internationally. FERTIL aspires to enhance its image & standing in the world markets. As sustainability at FERTIL is aligned with the National Vision of UAE and its role in meeting the world’s increasing demand for food, fiber and energy, Urea is an important raw material for the chemical industry and also for medical use as well as other applications.

FERTIL is especially proud to be part of the miraculous boom in agriculture in the UAE. In early 2013, FERTIL-2 was completed which expanded FERTIL’s yearly production capacity and strengthened the company’s position as a major player in the global petrochemicals sector. FERTIL-2 increased the company’s exporting capabilities to target potential markets

Since the early days of production the FERTIL marketing team set their sights on conquering markets in all four corners of the world. Today we have come a long way from our humble beginnings. We started off with our efforts directed at the nearest consumer markets in the Indian sub-continent and today our product has reached four of the five continents.

The FERTIL name and brand are established worldwide. The market for FERTIL’s products has expanded considerably since its first shipment. Today, about 2% of its annual production of Urea is marketed locally within the United Arab Emirates, while 98% is exported to the Indian sub-continent, Far East, Africa, USA, Latin America, Australia and Europe.

Our marketing team has expanded over the years with UAE Nationals now constituting 100% of the task force. Our mission is to provide the best service to our existing clients and to constantly expand our horizons.

The main task of marketing division is to market and sells Ammonia/ Urea to Foreign markets and within the United Arab Emirates. The division is headed by Vice President Mohammed Al Anazi, including four active departments’ heads that controlled with specialists in their fields to provide superior customer value. There are two Sales departments: International and regional sales. International Sales department is in charge of marketing and selling Ammonia and Urea Globally, while the Regional Sales Department is in charge of selling Ammonia and Urea within United Arab Emirates. Marketing Research department has the responsibilities of providing marketing information; analysis forecast prices, supply/demand of the market, preparing management and strategic report to concerned stockholder. The Sales Administration department is responsible of service after sales and coordinates between all departments in the marketing division. Follow up with customers and banks to ensure the receiving of the payment.

FERTIL Marketing Export Destination



1. Ammonia

Ammonia (NH3) 99.5% WT. MINIMUM
Moisture 0.5 % WT . MAXIMUM
Temp. at Loading /Unloading Not warmer than minus 33 degrees centigrade
Impurities Negligible- not more than 0.003 gms/100 MLS.


Granular, white, free flowing, and free from harmful substances at time of loading.
Nitrogen 46 Pct MINIMUM
Biuret 1.0 Pct MAXIMUM
Moisture 0.5 Pct MAXIMUM
Granulometry 2 to 4 MM - 90%Min
Loading Rates:
1.Ammonia 400 MTPD
2. Urea Bulk: 4,500 MTPD SHEX EIU*
Bagged: 1,250/ 1,400 MTPD
3. Stowage Factors (Urea) Bulk: 49.5 - 52 ft³ / t or 1.475 m³ / t
Bagged: 58 / 62 ft³

* Terms: shex eiu means, Saturday holiday excluded even if use (i.e., week-end commence from 1200 hrs on Friday till 0700 hrs on Sunday). If a local or a legal holiday precedes the week-end, time from 0500 hrs on the previous working day until 0800 hrs on the next working day to be excluded and no time to count even if used. Sunday is being counted as normal working day).

Loading Berths-Limitations:
Vessels within the following characteristics may be accommodated at each of the two loading berths in Ruwais:
Characteristics Maximum
Maximum DWT 71,000 MT
Minimum I DWT 5,000 MT
Fender capacity 55 ton meter per fender pile
Mooring hooks 100 ton bean type bollard
Dredging draft 12 meter below CD
Maximum summer draft allowed 11 Meters
Maximum berthing displacement 36,000 MT
Maximum sailing displacement 61,000 MT
Maximum beam 32.5 Meters
Height of Superstructure No Limits

Bags Specifications (Urea ):
Polypropylene woven bags with inner polyethylene lining, sewn at the bottom and hemmed at the mouth.
Capacity 50 kilograms
Printing As per Client's requirements
Total Weight 210 grams; 12 ×12 mesh

For More Information, please contact:

International Sales Dept.: 00971-2-6026890/ Dir. Tel.: 00971-2-6744432
Regional Sales Dept: 02-6026888/ 02-6771012
SWITCHBOARD: 02-6021111 / FAX: 02-6786259

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