Granular Urea

Urea is produced in two steps by reacting Ammonia and Carbon dioxide to form Ammonium carbamate, which is then decomposed to Urea and water in the reactor. Urea solution is then concentrated in various steps to about 96% and fed to the Granulation unit. Urea Formaldehyde (UF 85) is added as a granulation aid and anti-caking agent. After screening, specification grade product is sent to the Urea bulk storage and off-spec product is sent back to granulator as seed.

FERTIL, in its first plant had started producing prilled Urea. With the change in market demand, the product was changed to granular Urea by adopting the UFT, Uhde Fertilizer Technology, Granulation unit.

The Urea-2 unit started with granular Urea, also by UFT.

Urea dust entrained in the air from the granulator and coolers is scrubbed in a dust scrubbing system before venting it to the atmosphere. The end product is Granulated, white Urea, free from visible impurities and dust and chemically treated to reduce hygroscopic with the following chemical specifications:

Urea Quality Specifications

Conforming To
Granular urea, white free flowing and free form harmful substances.
Total Nitrogen (on dry basis)
99.5% by wt. minimum
Biuret 1.00% wt. Maximum