Environmental Strategy:

FERTIL is committed to prevent pollution to protect the environment and biodiversity, as well as to encourage all employees and contractors to demonstrate commitments towards environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Although more than 30 years have passed since the FERTIL Complex went on stream, all the plants in FERTIL-1 are still operating according to the strict ADNOC COP standards. Gas emissions, waste water discharges, liquid and solid effluents resulting from various processes have been minimized and are constantly monitored and controlled. FERTIL-2 plant which starts the production in 2013 has been designed and built using the latest environmental technologies and best available practices.

Environmental Achievements

1. GHG Reduction:

In FERTIL - I, CO2 is recovered through Carbon Dioxide Recovery (CDR) unit from flue gas of combustion facilities and such recovered CO2 is used in urea production in downstream units.

2. ESTIDAMA Certification:

We have obtained ESTIDAMA certification from Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) for all our non-process buildings in Ruwais plant.

3. Waste Reduction:

We have taken all reasonable steps to minimize the waste disposal by adopting 3R principals such as Used oil, used garnet recycling. FERTIL seeks to reduce waste to the minimum through the use of materials and processes that do not have any adverse effect on the environment. As for the remaining waste, it is being disposed according to the environmental standards and UAE rules and regulations

4. Water Conservation:

The process plants at FERTIL have been designed for optimum usage of water. Water conservation also covers potable water and irrigation. Modern automatic irrigation systems have been installed in all green areas to optimize water usage. Water flow meters have also been fitted on the main branches of the water network to monitor and control consumption.

5. Oil / Chemical Spill:

Oil Spill possibilities in FERTIL is negligible and all our chemical storage tanks have been provided with secondary containment and we take all the necessary precautions while handling chemicals and the possibilities for chemical spill is almost eliminated.

6. Management Systems:

We have obtained various certifications such as ISO – 14001, ISO – 50001 and RC – 14001 to manage the Environment, Energy demands in a responsible way.